Selected publications

Emil Marklund, Guanzhong Mao, Jinwen Yuan, Spartak Zikrin, Eldar Abdurakhmanov, Sebastian Deindl, Johan Elf (2022)
Sequence specificity in DNA binding is mainly governed by association
Science 375 (6579) pp. 442-445.

Jakub Wiktor, Arvid H Gynnå, Prune Leroy, Jimmy Larsson, Giovanna Coceano, Ilaria Testa, Johan Elf (2021)
RecA finds homologous DNA by reduced dimensionality search
Nature DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-03877-6.

E. Marklund, B. van Oosten, G. Mao, E. Amselem, K. Kipper, A. Sabantsev, A. Emmerich, D. Globisch, X. Zheng, L. C. Lehmann, O. Berg, M. Johansson, J. Elf, S. Deindl (2020)
DNA surface exploration and operator bypassing during target search.
Nature volume 583, pages 858–861.

Daniel Lawson Jones^, Prune Leroy^, Cecilia Unoson^, David Fange, Vladimir Curic, Michael J. Lawson, Johan Elf (2017)
Kinetics of dCas9 target search in Escherichia coli.
Science 357 (6358) pp1420-1424. Equal contribution.

Francisco Balzarotti, Yvan Eilers, Klaus C. Gwosch, Arvid H. Gynna, Volker Westphal, Fernando D. Stefani, Johan Elf, Stefan W. Hell (2016)
Nanometer resolution imaging and tracking of fluorescent molecules with minimal photon fluxes.
Science 10.1126/science.aak9913

Mats Wallden, David Fange, Ebba Gregorsson Lundius, Ozden Baltekin and Johan Elf (2016)
The Synchronization of Replication and Division Cycles in Individual E. coli Cells.
Cell 49 (2016) 364002 (17pp)

Petter Hammar, Mats Wallden, David Fange, Fredrik Persson, Ozden Baltekin, Gustaf Ullman, Prune Leroy and Johan Elf (2014)
Direct measurement of transcription factor dissociation excludes a simple operator occupancy model for gene regulation.
Nature genetics doi:10.1038/ng.2905. * Equal contribution

Fredrik Persson, Martin Linden, Cecilia Unoson and Johan Elf (2013)
Extracting intracellular diffusive states and transition rates from single molecule tracking data.
Nature Methods 10, 265-269.

David Fange, Anel Mahmutovic, Otto Berg and Johan Elf (2012)
Lost in presumption: stochastic reactions in spatial models.
Nature Methods, Vol. 9 no. 12 pp. 1163-1166.

Petter Hammar, Prune Leroy, Anel Mahmutovic, Erik G. Marklund, Otto G. Berg, Johan Elf (2012)
The lac repressor displays facilitated diffusion in living cells.
Science 22 June 2012: Vol. 336 no. 6088 pp. 1595-1598.