Several postdoc positions available

We are looking for motivated researchers who want to to develop and use frontline methods for studying dynamic processes in living cells at high spatial and temporal resolution.

We believe that diversity is key for a productive environment. As the lab is currently imbalanced in terms of gender, we would very much appreciate applications from female candidates.

We offer projects in one or several of the following topics:

  • Microbiology: Projects related to understanding the dynamics of regulation in bacteria, including transcription regulation, homologous recombination DNA repair, CRISPR target search, the translation process or the bacterial cell cycle. This topic can also include Tn- or CRISPR- screens whith high content readouts. Background in molecular biology/microbiology required.

  • Biochemistry: Methods development for biochemical assays at high throughput sequencing platforms. Background in molecular-, or chemical biology required.

  • Deep learning: Image/Data analysis of single molecule data from images or other time series typically using deep learning and Bayesian inference techniques. Background in Mathematics/Physics required.

  • Microfluidics/Nanofabrication: Development of new ways to grow and manipulate microorganisms and chemical reactions in microfluidic devices. Background in engineering/nanotechnology required.

  • Single molecule biophysics: Projects related to characterization of molecular dynamics in vitro or in vivo. Background in experimental biophysics required.

  • Polymer modeling: Modelling the 4D structure of the bacterial chromosome. Background in Physics or biophysics, with a strong computational component, required.


  • Creative and self-motivated personality with interest in fundamental science or methods development.
  • Good team working skills.
  • PhD in relevant subject area.
  • Excellent communication skills in English.
  • Documented experience of solving complex scientific problems or methods development in at least one of the areas outlined above.